During the first few months of training, divers are busy gaining qualifications and experience. Once a competent diver, adopting a special interest associated with the marine environment helps retain interest and reinforces the reason for diving.
It could be wreck diving and marine archaeology, underwater photography or diving under ice.

Underwater Photographer:

It is the most disappointing feeling, lovely setting, expensive camera but not happy with the results.
A modern digital camera is more than a point and shoot camera. Learn how to use this over a period of theory and practical lessons to improve your results and understand what the camera can see and do.
The aim is to give a basic understanding of the techniques required to take successful underwater pictures using a digital camera. It also covers specific problems of underwater photography and how to overcome to specific techniques.
Hire a camera, memory card and housing or bring along your own system.
This is suitable for beginners to experienced divers.

Underwater Naturalist:

We have a wonder diverse marine environment that surrounds the UK. We have learnt to dive in that environment. It is a vast ocean. Learn some of it secrets.
This course teaches the recognition of both common and individual features to better identify them and enjoy your future dives.

Wreck Diver:

Focusing on wrecks, this  course provides the diver with an opportunity to satisfy a wide range of diving interests from the historical and marine life to the excitement and interest of exploring a new wreck.
The UK’s waters are renowned for its variety of shipwrecks – with more wrecks per mile of coastline than anywhere in the world. From the famous Scapa Flow in Orkney, Scotland, where eight German ships, scuttled in 1919 now lie, to Plymouth’s HMS Scylla  which was purposely sunk in 2004 to create an artificial reef, there is a wreck site to appeal to all

Following some dry practical sessions, the student can apply this knowledge, equipment and techniques to safely navigate around a wreck and complete a limited survey.